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FISH! Jacksons, our local fish supplier's story

Jacksons Fish at Broadhempston Community Shop

Part of Broadhempston Community Shop’s ethos is to try to source as many products as possible locally, whilst taking care to ensure that quality and sustainability are not sacrificed. In recent months we have been featuring local suppliers on our shop website, but we thought it might be of interest to the wider local community and so approached the Parish News. This month’s feature is on Jacksons Fishmongers.

Jacksons are an old established traditional fishmongers situated in Newton Abbott. They are celebrating their centenary next year! The company is presently run by the third generation of the family, but the fourth generation are already in training to take over the reins at some future point. Apart from their wet fish shop, they also have a smokery and a ‘fish and chip’ shop.

Jacksons like to source their fish locally as much as possible, to reduce food miles and their carbon footprint. Most of their fish comes from Brixham Fish Market, which they visit daily when most of us are still in bed! The South West has a reputation of having the best flat fish, such as plaice,turbot, brill and Dover sole, in the world! Jacksons are interested in sustainability and try to buy fish from ‘day’ boats and line caught fish. These are smaller operations that generally catch their fish within 5 miles of the harbour. The fish are obviously fresher as they have only been at sea for one day. Mackerel, skate, cod and hake are found in deeper waters.

Lobster is sourced from Teignmouth , whilst mussels, oysters, clams and winkles come from the River Teign. Crab are mainly obtained from Brixham market, but come from all along the south coast and along with the lobster, are cooked on the premises to ensure quality. Trout are from a fish farm near Salisbury, as they have been found to provide consistent quality. The salmon come from a RSPCA approved fish farm in Scotland.

In addition we are able to purchase kiln smoked fish, either hot or cold smoked. Jacksons have been smoking fish for more than 60 years, on site in their in-house kiln. Oak is used in the kiln as it brings out the sweetness in the fish. No additives or colouring are used in the process, unlike some supermarket fish which are injected with colour and flavour, to give the fish a ‘smoked effect’. In addition to smoked fish such as salmon, trout, kippers and mackerel, Jacksons also kiln roast chicken and game.

We stock a range of Jacksons fish in Broadhempston Community Shop, both smoked and frozen. Specific orders can also be placed with Ali, our shop manager.

If you would like to learn how to ‘pick’ a lobster or crab, as well as how to cook it, look out for Jacksons online courses with Ben. Jackson’s also have general cooking guidance on their website, a handy resource if you are in any doubt about how to cook your fish.

We hope this has been interesting and we look forward to welcoming you soon to our shop.

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